Member Services

Our member services include:

  • strong state and federal advocacy for rural doctors, practices and communities
  • local professional development activities for rural clinicians
  • support to develop local solutions to workforce challenges
  • special interest groups convened by RDAA
  • member-only online communities
  • significant support and networking for RDA members
  • regular updates on current issues via weekly member-only e-bulletins, other regular e-updates, our website and social media


Members Benefits

Our member benefits include:

  • significant discounts on Rural Medicine Australia Conference
  • significant discounts on other conferences/CPD events across Australia including other State RDA conferences
  • free and unlimited staff vacancy advertising on RDAA's Jobs Board
  • free and unlimited promotion of practices for sale through RDAA's E Bulletins and social media
  • access to Member Assistance Support counselling services 24/7


Aaaaannnddd - you also get membership of RDAA!

When you join RDAT, a portion of your membership fee goes to our national body, RDAA. These funds allow RDAA to represent rural doctors at a national level, which is hugely important as all Medicare legislation is governed by the Commonwealth along with the majority of workforce distribution policies and programs.

RDAA does this by:

  • Working closely with the Commonwealth and State governments to help develop policies and programs that will succeed in rural areas
  • Promoting rural medical careers to junior doctors (#DestinationRural)
  • Providing professional support for rural doctors
  • Working to develop improved financial incentives for rural doctors
  • Promoting strategies that will build a sustainable rural medical workforce


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